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Kuri Manju

Kuri Manju

"A proudly produced confectionery in which chestnuts are stuffed, along with our founder's whole heart"

Kuri Manju is a bun which includes an entire large chestnut in a white bean taste with excellent sweetness. You will surely be surprised at the size of the chestnut.
This bun is proudly created by the founder Tomiichi HASHIMOTO. It is a special Japanese confectionery which you can purchase at limited shops including directly managed shops and the online shop.

Kuri Manju

Hakata Area is the birthplace of manju.

As a matter of fact, Fukuoka Prefecture / Hakata Area is the birthplace of the Japanese bun called manju.
A "stone monument of the birthplace of manju" stands in the precincts of Joutenji Temple known as the birthplace of "Hakata Gion Yamakasa".
The technique of how to make manju was brought and spread in Japan by Shoichi kokushi (a Buddhist monk) who founded Jotenji Temple in 1241.
We are sure that Kuri Manju created in the birthplace of manju will be a good memory of your trip.

Name Kuri Manju  Freshness date 40 days from the day it is shipped   Storing no refrigeration Specific raw materials wheat, egg, milk ingredient   Calories 195 kcal per piece (our analysis level)

Kuri Manju

2 pieces

Price: 402 yen (tax included)

Kuri Manju

6 pieces

Price: 1,296 yen (tax included)

Kuri Manju

9 pieces

Price: 1,944 yen (tax included)

Kuri Manju

12 pieces

Price: 2,538 yen (tax included)

Kuri Manju

15 pieces

Price: 3,213 yen (tax included)

Kuri Manju

20 pieces

Price: 4,212 yen (tax included)

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